C&C preview

Hello. Thank you for coming to my website. My name is Chance Wyatt. Last year, I wrote a role-playing game campaign. I then invited a few of my comic book artist friends to play it with me with the intention of eventually turning our experience into a graphic novel.

That graphic novel is now about two-thirds done. Once I’m completely finished with it, I intend to release it in its entirety for free here on my website. My current estimate is that I’ll be able to start the regular posting of new pages before the end of the year.

I figured everyone could just wait patiently for this, but I was advised that I should release a short preview for some reason.

So here it is, a preview of my latest book, Crypts & Creeps.

C&C part 2

C&C part 1

C&C part 4

C&C part 3

C&C part 6

C&C part 5